Rasterlink Pro Serisi

Rasterlink Pro Serisi ile daha yüksek baskı kalitesi

Rasterlink Pro Serisi, Mimaki’nin kullanıcı-dostu, yeni nesil RIP yazılım ürünüdür. 16-bit rendering ile donatılmış bu yazılım, Mimaki baskı makinalarının tüm gelişmiş fonksiyonlarını etkinleştiriyor.

  • 16 bit rendering ile yumuşak geçişler
  • Yeni başlayanlar için bile kolay kullanım sunar.
  • Beyaz yüzey baskısı
  • Kolay yazılım güncellemesi ve profil yüklemesi için web güncelleme fonksiyonu
  • Kesintisiz baskı ve kesim
  • Renk değiştirme ve diğer çok yönlü düzenleme fonksiyonu

Features – Rasterlink Pro 5

White Layer Printing

Mimaki’s original white-layer printing helps to create more vivid images on transparent materials. This is made possible by printing a white layer either under or over the CMYK layers.

  • The white layer can be printed either under or over other layers.
  • The white layer area can be customized to suit the job design.
  • The white and colour layers are printed simultaneously for more precise layer registration.


Continuous Print & Cut

(only available for CJV30 Series and TPC-1000)

Cut data and print data created by Illustrator and FineCut can be combined so both the print & cut processing can be done from within RasterLink.

Cut condition can easily be set from the “cut setting” submenu of RIP.

  • Delay of start cutting time after print can be set.
  • Pre / print / post-heater can be turned off during cutting.
  • Cutting speed, pressure, and offset value can be set in cut condition.

Colour replacement and other functions

Colour replacement is a function to change one special colour of the data with the ink colour designated by the user. It is especially convenient when using special colour like ‘white’.

Other versatile editing functions of RasterLink include tiling, paneling, trimming, and many more.

Features – Rasterlink 6

Added Convenient Functions

1. Three ink layers in one pass print function

A three-layer print of colour, white and colour can be performed at one time. The underlay printing of a base layer of white ink in order to reproduce the natural beauty of colours printed on transparent media. Window graphics can be printed with high precision and no multi-pass colour registration shift.

2. Layout function as desired

There is no longer a layout constraint in the size adjustment or a copy function for the imposition of several jobs. Three ink layers or copied images are freely laid out if print conditions are same. This function reduces the media waste by efficient layout.

3. Multi-profile, simultaneous printing function

Several profiles that match conditions can be simultaneously printed. This is effective for test output when the profile for a target image quality or colour requires multiple “profile” test prints. You can select the best profile after actually investigating such an output.



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